Tethered Drone Systems (TDS)

Low-cost persistent stare unmanned aircraft.

The ability to be able to conduct persistent stare on a target has long been sort after from both military and civilian security organisations. The current options are helium balloons (blimps), observation masts, free flying multi-rotors and kites. Each solution has its drawbacks in terms of physical size, height limitation, endurance and wind speed direction and speed.

Built as a commercial consultation R&D project by University of Southampton for Cardinal Security

Technological advantages of the TDS Solution:

- Competitively priced for commercial markets.

- PTZ gimballed camera with video and thermal image capability (x8 Zoom).

- Interchangeable pods for multi-tasking; Laser, Infrared CCTV, High Definition Photography.

- The only tethered UAV in the UK with CAA permission to conduct aerial work (<120 m).

- Long endurance tactical stare capability (22 hrs before refuel).

- The Tether provide power and telemetry up to the UAV and brings secure data feeds back to the ground vehicle for viewing, recording and onward transmission.

- Failsafe technology built into the design.

- Self-contained trailer – totally mobile solution.

Cardinal Security continue to support this innovation and look forward to using the platform in 2018.

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